Establishing Cognitive Diversity: Using Emergenetics to Create Agile Communications Experts


Using Emergenetics to Create Agile Communications Experts

Communication issues lie at the floor of all failed endeavors. But why is communication so damned difficult? As a Technology Leader, I want to empower my teams with the skills necessary to make the highest and best use of being Agile; so we can build better products, faster without wanting wring each other’s necks! If only there was a simple, consistent way to achieve this… There is!

Emergenetics provides a proven way to establish a culture of cognitive diversity and build a deeper understanding of each individuals thinking and behavioral preferences. By utilizing the latest advancements in neuroscience and psychology, “ACE” team members gain a heightened sense of self-awareness creating a more collaborative environment in your organization. The result? Reduced interpersonal conflicts, self-motivated teams and overall improved performance.

Presented By

Ray Freeman

For more than 20 years, D. Ray Freeman has climbed the rungs of the IT ladder from hands-on software implementations to enterprise Agile transformation. He is the co-owner and Behavioral Dynamics trainer for Agile Consultant Guide, LLC as well as the lead Agile Coach at Southwest Airlines in Dallas, TX. A native Texan and consummate Agilist, Ray is the author of “Agile Changed My Life – How to Manage the Chaos of Life and Career with Agility”.