Visualizing Agile Metrics

Documentary Track

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Your agile project is burning $1 million per week, it is critical to the company, and leadership expects it to be a success. You mean to tell me that the only tools Scrum gives us to report progress are burnups and burndowns? This is ludicrous. We can do better.

In this session we will explore the rich corpus of data available on an Agile project. We will uncover the principles of information visualization. We will learn how to support analytical thinking and build trust with our leadership. Finally, we will spur our creativity by reviewing real world examples of effective visualizations.

Presented By

Ryan Marsh

Ryan Marsh is a Principal Consultant at Improving Enterprises. He is a hands on Agile Coach for several enterprise software teams. In his career he has worked on software teams in all roles, including developer, QA, infrastructure, and product manager. He is a passionate Ruby supporter and loves mobile application development. Ryan lives in Houston where he enjoys organic vegetable gardening and playing with his 3 daughters.