Agile Adoptions are Too Focused on Teams

Behind the Scenes Track

9:10 AM - 10:10 AM

Agile adoptions focus too much on team practices and as a result not much really changes. To gain the true benefits of agile principles and techniques we need a more balanced approach that is supported by a new mindset of leadership.

Leadership is:

  • not just about control, it is also about influence
  • not just about results, it is also about growth
  • not just about executing, it is also about serving

Today's most effective leaders strike the right balance between these by recognizing changing circumstances and adapting their leadership approach to fit. Is that the kind of leader you are? Come participate in this interactive session to learn more growing your leadership agility to help your teams and organizations thrive.

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Robbie MacIver

Robbie Mac Iver grows teams and leaders to achieve improved business results for their organizations. Using Agile Principles and Practices to drive organizational improvement, Robbie helps product development groups find their own unique balance of Team, Product Management, Delivery and Agile Leadership practices to more effectively deliver high quality, fit-to-purpose business solutions in a predictable and reliable manner.