The Psychology of Error: Why Smart Teams Make Dumb Decisions

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Why do even the smartest teams make decisions that seem dumb in retrospect? What do you do when the biggest impediment to success is your own brain? Even equipped with the best possible data, a growing body of research reveals just how deeply flawed our perceptions, thinking, and conclusions are and why. Be careful not to assume that agile methods alone are the solution.

What is the Solution? Awareness! By exploring the psychology of error we create the opportunity to overcome many of the pitfalls hindering even the best teams. We reveal a common condition that lowers individual IQ by 13 points! We show why many teams perform far below the level they think they are. We explore the biases, fallacies, and mental pratfalls common to every one of us rendering even the smartest teams dumb. You’ll come away with an understanding of the very real forces that distort our decisions and concrete tips you can use to mitigate the damage, and avoid these traps altogether.

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Ken Howard

Ken Howard is President of Improving Enterprises and has been involved in most aspects of software development, training and mentoring for over 31 years. Ken was a co-founder of Improving and has also been on the computer science faculty at SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering. Ken’s specialty is helping companies increase productivity through efficient practices and pragmatic organizational dynamics, which was the topic of the Addison-Wesley book Individuals and Interactions: an Agile Guide that he co-authored.