Agile Development of the User Experience with Web Components

Action Track

3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

An exciting standard for creating Web applications has emerged from the major browser vendors: Web Components! In the same way that most Agile methodologies would suffer without the support of object-oriented languages, Web development has suffered from the violent impact of CSS, HTML, and ECMAscript colliding at faster and faster speeds during the manifestations of the Web, Web 2.0, Responsive Web, and Virtual Web. Addressing this need to ensure future success in HTML-based Web applications comes the encapsulation and reusability of Web Components. Web Components allows you to schedule user experience work into your development backlog in the same way that implementing a new algorithm or aggregation of data easily gets turned into a user story or feature. Attending this session will acquaint you with the new technology and provide suggestions on how you can incorporate it into your software development lifecycle. It will also expose you to the current state of the art, the apparent directions of component evolution, and provide a short demonstration of how to create a Web Component from scratch.

Presented By

Curtis Schlak

With the purchase of his family’s first computer, a Timex-Sinclair 1000, young Curtis Schlak at the age of 10 discovered that he enjoyed computer programming as an avocation. It wasn’t until after a five-year enlistment in the US Army that he changed programming to his vocation. Adhering to the “lead by example” motto of military life, Curtis threw himself into gaining as much experience, knowledge, and wisdom about his craft. Over the past 20 years, he has led teams ranging in size from intimate to egregious. He has participated in and led product development, consultations, and agile adoptions. He has first-hand experiences in implementing Extreme Programming, Scrum, the Unified Process, adaptations of the Toyota Production System, and Feature-Driven Development.