Establishing Cognitive Diversity: Using Emergenetics to Create Agile Communications Experts

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9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Using Emergenetics to Create Agile Communications Experts

Communication issues lie at the floor of all failed endeavors. But why is communication so damned difficult? As a Technology Leader, I want to empower my teams with the skills necessary to make the highest and best use of being Agile; so we can build better products, faster without wanting wring each other’s necks! If only there was a simple, consistent way to achieve this… There is!

Emergenetics provides a proven way to establish a culture of cognitive diversity and build a deeper understanding of each individuals thinking and behavioral preferences. By utilizing the latest advancements in neuroscience and psychology, “ACE” team members gain a heightened sense of self-awareness creating a more collaborative environment in your organization. The result? Reduced interpersonal conflicts, self-motivated teams and overall improved performance.

Presented By

Ray Freeman

For more than 20 years, D. Ray Freeman has climbed the rungs of the IT ladder from hands-on software implementations to enterprise Agile transformation. He is the co-owner and Behavioral Dynamics trainer for Agile Consultant Guide, LLC as well as the lead Agile Coach at Southwest Airlines in Dallas, TX. A native Texan and consummate Agilist, Ray is the author of “Agile Changed My Life – How to Manage the Chaos of Life and Career with Agility”.