Ultra-Modern Web Development in .NET

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10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

The web moves fast. As .NET developers in 2015, we can move fast too.

I'll show you an alien architecture that combines the best of open source web development with familiar .NET staples. We'll keep Windows, Visual Studio, IIS, and SQL Server, but we'll mix in a spicy melange of Node.js, React, the newest JavaScript, and an army of stable, widely-adopted libraries and tooling the rest of the world is already using. You'll be amazed by how much easier web development is nowadays, and encouraged by how well† the open source tools work with your project.

Not convinced? We'll cover:

  • Building complex, JavaScript-heavy web apps without surrendering anything - not performance, not search engine ranking, not developer joy. Not even IntelliSense.
  • Why ECMAScript 6 is an especially easy transition for .NET developers,
  • React.js, which is so hot right now†
  • Finally learning what "full stack" means and what it says about society

By the end of the session, you should:

  • Be in a calm, euphoric state
  • Be familiar with the best of the new web
  • Understand why and how to adopt the pieces that work for you, a Microsoft-ecosystem developer
  • Know where to look to learn more

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Peter Seale

Peter Seale is a veteran software developer from Improving in Houston. He enjoys teaching, volunteering at community events, and being a curmudgeon. Peter maintains a strong twitter presence at @pseale ( ).