Darwinism in Agility: A Look at the Evolution of Language

Drama Track

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

We started off so chaotic in the beginning of the industry we all now call home. One person writing code direct on the mainframe. We have adapted and evolved so much since then, but our language has been the part that changed so rapidly and created so many divides. In this session we will look at the language we use in waterfall, agile, lean, and general software development. We will seek to discover the common threads between them and understand the reasons that changing our team / company / culture might be as easy as changing the next word in a sentence.

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Devlin Liles

Devlin Liles is a Vice President of Consulting at Improving Enterprises Houston and a passionate technologist. Devlin prides himself on staying a generalist, but his passion in development is data and its interactions. These passions gained him the recognition of Microsoft as an MVP for the past 5 years.

Since 2007 he has been presenting and teaching classes on software development practices and tools to audiences around the nation. He is a regular national presenter at user groups, conferences, and community events. He has been involved in many conferences and events (Dallas TechFest, Houston TechFest, Houston CodeCamp, Houston GiveCamp, AgileDotNet) as a coordinator; planner; or just a helping hand.

Devlin is the co-author of a couple of books about Entity Framework and the expert approach to it.

He is an avid soccer player and hobbyist gamer.