QA/Developer Mind Meld

Action Track

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

We will explain what being agile in the QA world means. Discussing how ensuring quality can begin on day one of any sprint and what skills, characteristics, and attitudes one should strive for in an agile QA analyst. We will disect past agile projects and share our experiences on what has been successful.

Presented By

Jack Long

Jack Long is a Senior Consultant for Improving Enterprises. He has been part of teams delivering quality enterprise and retail software for over 15 years. In a variety of roles Jack has learned that pushing out quality software isn't as simple as writing and executing test cases. With a focus on how code is developed, what business needs are met, and an emphasis on communication between developers and the business, has helped him be successful to getting software projects to done. ​

Long Mai

Long loves to improve, learn and mentor on agile values, software craftsmanship, and software architecture. His day to day is delivering software with the .NET web application stack. As a software consultant and contributor at Improving Enterprises, he is pragmatic and focuses on business value for improving his clients and going towards business agility.