Agile Maturity Through Metrics

While agile development is much more evidence-based than most traditional waterfall or even iterative approaches, we still have some room to improve our ability to measure and learn from the work we produce. The art of “analytics” became a reality when web site and web app development allowed us to measure ROI in near real-time and steer our product direction. Today we have analytics tools that let us measure effectiveness for non-web products, too. Combining these real-time product metrics with “evidence-based management” (EBM), we can virtually eliminate guessing from product management and finely tune both our processes and our product features. I’ll tell you how.

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Todd Girvin

Todd Girvin a Senior Vice President and heads the Microsoft Technology Practice at Improving Enterprises. Since co-founding Improving in August of 2004, he works with clients and teams to bring best practices to bear in the world of software development. Today, Todd works closely with Microsoft developer tools specialists to evangelize the power of Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, and Microsoft Test Manager. He also teaches courses on agile software development, OOP, and quality assurance using the Microsoft tools. Todd has a special interest in building great teams of great people, practicing agile development, and exploring the tools and techniques for both of those. He also has an interest in motorcycles, fast cars, martial arts, and philosophy. Todd believes that in and out of work, life is too short not to have fun.